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Next on NOVA scienceNOW
With Neil deGrasse Tyson
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Wednesday, August 20 at 8 & 9 p.m.
(Check your local listings as dates and times may vary.)

This broadcast investigates doomsday asteroids, the genetics behind
overeating, the quest to create a new element, and an MIT roboticist
who also writes award-winning fiction.

Will a doomsday rock the size of the Rose Bowl hit Earth in

Island of Stability
Follow the decades-long quest to create the elusive element 114.

Examine the biology behind the compulsion to eat.

Profile: Karl Iagnemma
An innovative MIT roboticist is also an acclaimed fiction

Learn how our lifestyles can change the way our genes work, examine
a yet-to-be-broken code on a sculpture called Kryptos, see preserved
dinosaur blood vessels, and meet cosmologist Arlie Petters.

T. Rex Blood?
Preserved soft tissue, including possible blood vessels and red
blood cells, are turning up in dinosaur fossils.

Our lifestyles and environment can change the way our genes are
expressed, leading even identical twins to become distinct as
they age.

A coded sculpture at CIA headquarters has yet to be fully

Profile: Arlie Petters
A boy from a rural village in Belize grows up to become a
world-class mathematician and cosmologist.

The journey continues on the NOVA scienceNOW Web site. Watch the
entire hour-long episode online. E-mail scientists from the
broadcast with your questions, test your knowledge of chemistry
basics find out what T. Rex and chickens have in common, use a
catastrophe calculator to try out some "what if" scenarios, and
watch video extras.

Also, Links & Books, the Teacher's Guide, the program transcript,
and more:


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